One of the biggest movies of the 90's is getting a sequel this year and maybe you could watch it on the screen that was destroyed in the original movie.

Twisters Trailer Below

The movie that made all of us panic when a tornado siren goes off will be getting a sequel on July 19th. Twisters, just like the original, was shot in parts of Oklahoma. To this day, you can still visit places from the movie throughout Oklahoma. The town of Wakita has an entire Twister Museum.

Twister Museum in Wakita Below

Famous Twister Drive In Scene

Even though this movie terrified me as a kid. My favorite scene was when the tornado tears down the drive in. I always thought it looked cool that the screen was ripping apart while 'The Shining' is playing. This drive in is real in Guthrie, but the movie wasn't really shot here.

The Beacon Drive In Theatre in Guthrie, Oklahoma

Since 1950, the Beacon has been showing outdoor movies for Guthrie, Oklahoma and at one point in time. Was the inspiration for a scene in Twister. The drive in movie theater scene was shot in Guthrie, but up the road from the Beacon. Since the tornado had to destroy the drive in, they built their own fake drive in just up the road from the Beacon. This guy shows all the cool locations in Oklahoma where the scenes took place.

Famous Twister Locations in Oklahoma

I'm thinking about making the 2.5 hour road trip to Guthrie this summer to watch Twisters at the Beacon. I think it would be cool to watch the movie in the town from the original.

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