The Texas panhandle is home to a lot of iconic places and attractions. One of those is far from Route 66, and you've probably passed it without even realizing it. There aren't any half-buried vehicles, no massive statues, and no giant plaques to stop and take photos of. That doesn't mean it isn't the Texas panhandle's most famous intersection.

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The Dirt Road Intersection In The Movie Castaway Is In Texas

Think back to the now classic Tom Hanks film, Cast Away. The movie is about a FedEx executive named Chuck Noland, who unfortunately finds himself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but a volleyball to keep him company.

In the film, there is an intersection that is present at both the beginning and the end of the story. That intersection can be found in the Texas panhandle.

The Cast Away Intersection Is North Of Mobeetie, Texas

Just north of the small town of Mobeetie, Texas, you'll find the very intersection that was used in the film Cast Away.

Mobeeite is a small town with a lot of history. The historical marker for Mobeetie points out that it was the first town in the Texas panhandle. It started as a trading post and grew from there.

Now, it's a small town with somewhere around 100 people calling it home.

Want To Recreate The Iconic Ending From Cast Away? Head To Mobeetie.

A lot of people have made the trip to Wheeler County to get their photo taken at the iconic intersection. YouTube is full of videos of people standing awkwardly on the side of the road, excited to be at the same intersection some filmmakers dragged Tom Hanks to.


Add the intersection of FM 48 & FM 1268 near Mobeetie, Texas to your list of places to see in the panhandle.

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