The owner of Raider's Axe Gallery & Entertainment in downtown Lubbock is kind enough to feed some of the stray cats in the area, and sometimes, that means feeding the raccoons too. He's got some security cameras set up out there and they catch the most adorable interactions.

I have become obsessed with this raccoon cam, y'all.

I live in the downtown area too, and I was surprised at just how many raccoons I've seen running around. A big fat one came sauntering across the street in the middle of the afternoon and then hopped into some bushes. You usually only see raccoons out at night, right? I was a little shocked at how brave it was, but, I know they are also highly food-motivated. It must have had a favorite snack to get to or something...

Anyway, check out some of the adorable raccoon videos below!

It's really sweet of him to feed the feral cats in the area. Actually, lots of business owners downtown feed them. Those cats have it pretty rough in Lubbock. My mom even traps them, takes them to get fixed, and makes sure they are fed. Big hearts are the best!

Do you have a neighborhood raccoon or other wild animal that visits your cat's food bowl? Any fun videos? I'd love to see them! Send them to me at for the chance to have your story featured in an article.

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