Chicken nuggies come in so many different delicious shapes and sizes. I don't think I've ever met a nug I didn't like. From the cheapest frozen grocery store nuggets to the fast-food faves, nuggets are the bomb. I'll go ahead and say that my favorite chicken nuggets are, hands-down, McDonald's. They are classic, and still the same shapes as when I was a kid. Oh, nostalgia!

Do you ever get the fancy nuggets from Chick-fil-A? I haven't tried them yet, but after seeing this TikTok, I'm not sure how I feel about them...

TikTok creator @billionbabyyy was enjoying an order of nuggets from Chick-fil-A when they came across one that was shaped rather oddly...and FAR too similar to something you would probably not want to munch on...

Check it out below:


Yeah...bad vibes...


Don't worry, guys. There is a reasonable explanation for this nugget. The video creator revealed in a comment that they cut it open and it WAS just was probably just an oddly shaped piece, or perhaps was overly battered. Who knows...

BUT...that nugget straight-up looks like a mouse...

Would you still eat it? 

(I probably would...not gonna lie. I'm a monster...)

Here's what viewers in the comment section of the video had to say about the special nuggie...

"It's an armadillo."

"Nahh that's a lil toooooo specific."

"The photoshoot is sending me."

"Issa dino nugget."

"The wayyyyyy all of my food would have came up immediately."

"It look like a fried ant eater fetus." (WTF????!!???)

"Them be my favorite ones."

Ever had a weird nugget in your box? I'd love to see it! Drop a comment below this article, and keep scrolling for more weird fun in the galleries below...

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