There's a lot more at stake here than this one issue.

Image by 7raysmarketing from PixabayImage by CatsWithGlasses from Pixabay
Image by 7raysmarketing from PixabayImage by CatsWithGlasses from Pixabay

It's Just Me

The opinions here are my own and they are an eensy bit on the controversial side. First off, I rarely way in on anything political, I occasionally dabble in issues and not party politics, because I'm really just here for a good time. I hope you will bear all this in mind when you hear what I have to say.

I'm Not Impacted

I am no longer a pot smoker. I was for maybe a decade when I was much, much younger. Am I lucky it didn't have any adverse effects on me? Truth be told it had no effect on anyone I know. My friends I used to smoke with are all now professionals and doing quite well. In fact, I don't think you'd find many cases of people who've had a few bong rips turning into the waste-cases that the Reefer Madness crowd want you to think they turned out to be. In fact, 88% of Americans as a whole believe that marijuana should be legal, at least for medical purposes.

Why I Care This Time

I find it vary scary that the "Anti" folks are organizing through churches, and through a shadowy religious-based political action group. The intermingling of these religious leanings and political action is bad for everybody (In fact, I urge you to try find an example of religion being a positive force in politics). I am also bothered by the misinformation campaign being run by these people. Most of all, if they are successful this time it will just empower them to get more involved with our lives going forward.

Why I Care Part Two

I also care for those people who have anxiety, and those like my elderly father-in-law, who took marijuana for various painful ailments (he lived in Oklahoma). I care for those of us who know that there is little difference between some weed and a few drinks. I care because full legalization will one day really help our local farmers to diversify. And one more time, I care because I don't like be gaslighted or bullshitted by people who want to divide us.

Just Vote

I encourage you to vote whether it's pro or con. Vote your heart and vote based on your personal experiences. Vote as people who experienced a form of prohibition in "The Strip", or vote as somebody who knows a weed-burnout.  Your opinion is important even if it's not the same as mine. Just know that there is more at stake than this one issue.

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