For folks in Dallas, Texas, for most Texans, "H.E.B." is so engrained into our vernacular that we've never even stopped to think "What does H.E.B. stand for, anyway?"

Like a buddy of mine who thought it was "Waterburger." He'd gone his whole life saying incorrectly and never thought to even give it a second thought. He was devastated the night I explained to him that it was actually "What-A-Burger."

We love the store for its special Texas finds, but the San Antonio-based grocer is massive. It operates more than 380 stores throughout the U.S. state of Texas and Mexico. As of 2022, the company had a total revenue of US $38.9 billion.

But what does "H.E.B." stand for?

HEB Press Release via
HEB Press Release via

I'm glad you asked. After all, curiosity is one of the most common traits of an intelligent mind. Intelligent people let themselves become fascinated by things others take for granted. And we're both done with taking the name of our favorite grocery store for granted.

According to a great feature in Texas Monthly, the store was named after its founder's son, who eventually went on to take over the company.

Here's what was in the story, "The company was founded by Howard’s mother, Florence Butt, who came to Texas in 1905 fortified by the most basic of all motives—survival. Her husband, Charles C. Butt, was suffering from tuberculosis. On his doctor’s advice, she moved herself, him, and their three young boys from Memphis to the warmer climate of the Texas Hill Country. The family settled in Kerrville on the banks of the Guadalupe River." You can read the full story here.

There ya go. How many of you knew that H.E.B. were the initials of Howard E. Butts? You learn something new every day.

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