If you love the unusual, this one is for you. There is a photo floating around that's gaining a bunch of attention. It turns out a strange animal was captured on camera at a Texas state park. The photo is attracting comments from a wide range of folks claiming they can identify the animal. However, even park officials are scratching their heads on this one.

CBS Austin reports that this mystery animal was captured on a game camera at the Bentson-Rio Grande Valley State Park. Officials took to their Facebook page wondering if it was a new species of some kind or maybe an escapee from a nearby zoo. What do you see?


Photo: Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park/Texas Parks & Wildlife/Facebook
Photo: Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park/Texas Parks & Wildlife/Facebook

Needless to say, the comments came flying in with different guesses, and self-proclaimed experts stating they have the definitive answer. As more and more of the comments rolled in, the majority of people on social media say the photo is that of an American badger. No matter what you call it, can you imagine bumping into it in the middle of the night? I'd say pass. If it is a badger, it's odd looking for sure. No offense to badger people.

Officials did later make an update saying that after further investigation they do agree with the comments that an American badger was indeed the culprit. Do you agree?

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