There's a large population, in the Abilene area, that gets as excited about Halloween as others do Christmas. Part of that excitement stems from the opening date of Spirit Halloween, each year.

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While the address may change, from year to year, one thing is for sure, we love Spirit Halloween here in Abilene. While there may be other places to get our Halloween goodies, it seems Spirit Halloween is the most complete for our area.

So, when exactly does Spirit Halloween open in Abilene and what are the hours?

Spirit Halloween opened to the public on Saturday, August 13th. Lucky for us, Spirit Halloween is located in the same location as last year at 2636 Barrow Street. Basically, it's right next to the Eskimo Hut.

Spirit Halloween is open 11 AM until 7 PM Monday through Friday, 10 AM until 7 PM on Saturday, and 12 PM until 6 PM on Sunday.

Jason Pucilowski
Jason Pucilowski

For my family, well, we go hard during the Halloween season, then leave up many of our decorations for Christmas, too. Heck, our house is fairly popular among the trick-or-treaters each year as our setup typically scares the socks off most kids. Even better is that we're across the street from an elementary school and have actually received notes from teachers and students about our elaborate display.

I do build many of our props myself, but I also utilize Spirit Halloween but typically go that route at the end of the season when everything is on sale.

Spirit Halloween isn't the only place to get your spooky decor and more as you can typically find cool stuff at TJ Maxx, Ross, Burlington, and Party City.

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