Thanksgiving is this Thursday, the 2023 holiday season is officially upon us. If you're looking for some family festive fun and would like to get into the spirit of the season visit Oklahoma's wildest Christmas Light Display. It's an amazing drive-through and walk-through Christmas experience with lights and more.


The OKC Zoo Safari Lights features a drive-through where you'll see different animal-themed displays and sculptures that are all lit up. After you drive through you can do the walk-through that has interactive light exhibits and winds its way through the Entry Plaza, Children's Zoo, and other areas. It's a huge display.

Hit play on the video below for a sneak peek of the OKC Zoo Safari Lights 2023

The OKC Zoo Safari Lights is going on now through Monday, January 1st (01-01-24) from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm daily. You'll need to purchase your tickets in advance, it's by reservation only. To get tickets and make your reservations visit the official site They have all kinds of different packages available.


For pricing and all the details click here to go to the official OKC Zoo website. I've never been before so I think this will be the year the family and I load up in the car and head to the OKC Zoo for Safari Lights. Kind of a little daycation and a quick holiday getaway to Oklahoma City. Hit Bricktown while we're there and grab a bite to eat while we're at it. Maybe even visit Chef Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant Ramsay's Kitchen.

Maybe hit the Chickasha Festival of Lights on our way there, or on our way back. We go every year and since it's on the way, why not? Then when we get back in town make a trip through Lawton, Fort Sill's Holiday in the Park. We could hit all 3 in one night for the ultimate Christmas light extravaganza. That sounds like a plan.

10 Oklahoma Hallmark holiday hometowns you can visit

Looking for someplace special to spend the holidays? The Sooner State has you covered with some of the best towns and cities to get into the Christmas spirit. If you've ever wanted to visit a place that feels like it came out of a Hallmark movie you're in luck. Check out these ten Oklahoma Hallmark holiday hometowns to experience the small-town charm and friendliness of some of Oklahoma's best-known holiday destinations. Each has its own unique traditions and holiday events that will surely get you into the spirit of the season. From amazing lights and displays to performances and festive family fun you'll find in the Sooner State.

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Oklahoma's Weirdest Thanksgiving Foods

There is no shortage of weird Thanksgiving traditions around the Sooner State. Even my own family celebrates in our own unique way. Half of us hate turkey, and the others hate ham. Mom hates to spend days cooking for a 20-minute meal, and we all get tired of the leftovers. Instead, we have either a taco fiesta or a Chef Boyardee pizza kit party. Nobody complains.

We're not the only family with a weird Thanksgiving tradition, just take a look at these shockingly common Oklahoma TG dishes. It's amazing what the cooks come up with. The list is heavy on gelatin and jello molds, if anything it'd be worth trying at least one this year. They range from mild to wild, best of luck to you.

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Take a look inside this epic 1960s retro motel in Oklahoma!

It's the ultimate retro vintage motel stay in the Sooner State! If you've ever wanted to step back in time and experience the "good old days" once again, or maybe for the very first time, you're in luck. Take a break from the usual, boring, and mundane hotel room by booking a stay at this 60s-style motel in Oklahoma City, OK. The Classen Inn is one of the most unique and colorful motels in the state, if not the entire nation. It was originally built back in 1963 and has been completely remodeled, refurbished, and reimagined. If you're looking for a place to stay while on vacation, staycation, or on a weekend getaway why not make your accommodations a part of the vacation fun by staying at the Classen Inn in OKC. You can click here to book your stay. Scroll through the photo gallery below to take a virtual tour of this EPIC 1960s retro motel!

Top 10 Best Christmas Towns In Oklahoma

While Christmas may not always feel like Christmas in Oklahoma, we put on that holiday spirit all over the Sooner State. Here are the top destinations to find a little holiday cheer.

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