Every week I am inundated with up to fifty new songs, some from artists that are hot. Then there's the songs from the artists who maybe should have stayed retired. Then there's those that are unknown in the business. Every once in awhile I'll get one that has some form of familiarity. As was the case this week with a young man named 'Dion Pride,' and he even looks like his daddy Charley Pride. But does he have his fathers talent?

Dion Pride the son of legendary Country Music Hall of Famer, Charley Pride, has inherited his father's talents. Dion was a quick study as a child, he started singing and playing guitar at age 5. He took up the piano at 8, drums at 10, bass at 12 and has been performing since he was 14 years old. The younger Pride went off to North Texas State Music College. Lately He's been playing, singing and opening for his dad. As his bio boasts

Dion Pride has entertained the troops on USO tours in Panama, Honduras, Guantanamo Bay and the island of Antigua. He has sung and performed for audiences around the world in countries like England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and all the continental United States. Dion Pride is a true breath of fresh air who so many would agree is welcome in the artistic community today

Source: Dion Pride.com

As I listened to Dion's newest song to be released, I'm left wondering if he is more of an R&B artist, rather than a country genre artist. You give it a listen, then tell me what you think.

Dion Pride - Might As Well Be Me

 This is a video sample of Dion Pride