The economy is bad.  However, there are some children's playhouses that cost as much as a car and are nicer than a lot of apartments I've seen.  They are fully decked out and have everything I need so I think I'll commission the building of my own little playhouse.

There is a slide show for you to check out a few of these playhouses.

Most playhouses that we think of are small buildings with maybe some curtains and a little table and chairs.  Maybe you have a toy kitchen set inside and an old couch.  However, some folks have gone way overboard to spoil their kids (or maybe just to get them out of the house).  There are playhouses that start at about $10,000 and can actually exceed $100,000 and actually have all the amenities of a real house. They are for KIDS!

Many of these more-art-than-play homes come with hardwood floors, operable windows with screens, mailboxes, doorbells that ring, remote-controlled garage doors and 8-foot-high ceilings to accommodate the occasional adult drop-in. Like other well-appointed homes, many also offer running water, electricity, air-conditioning and heating, upholstered sofas and chairs, dining-room sets, kitchens with working refrigerators, sunrooms, intercoms to the main house and even miniature baby grand pianos that really play.

I realize that these "playhouses" are owned by celebrities that have money to burn, but seriously, I could live in one of these and be happy as a clam and not have a huge mortgage.  I think this maybe the wave of the future if the economy stays on it's current path.  You could also get one of those little smart cars to park out front, you can't have your car "over power" your house you know.  No SUV's allowed.

Who's with me? We will start our own little sub-division.  We will need a name though, any thoughts, ideas?