I recently saw the movie 'Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift' and although I'm not much of a fast car aficionado it was pretty impressive. I have no idea how they keep the tires on the track/street. Now add motorcycles to that same scenario. I don't know if these guys are stupid, crazy, brilliant or a little of all of it.

The video was put together by Icon, they have super cool bikes and apparel. The drivers in the video are Nick 'Apex' Brocha  and Ernie Vigil, on bikes, along with Dan 'Officer' Brockett in the Mustang. This video, as it states in the opening credit, is on a closed course and the drivers are professionals. However, I think it would be a total adrenaline rush to be able to do this. I would prefer to be in the car not on the bike but I would love to do a ride along on one of these excursions!

They have finally found a great place to do their drifting in the the High Plains County of Oregon. There are tons of twists and turns throughout  the course making it perfect for this type of play.

They use some great technology making this video too. Go-Pro cameras, a Traxxas remote control car (I want one of these little buggers), and NW Aero Pix helicopter photography.

This particular video is actually a sequel and you can see more of these on the Icon website.