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The Dallas Cowboys are coming off, yet, another underachieved year. A year which saw them lose the last game of the season to the New York Giants, who ran the table and won the Super Bowl. This year, Dallas has beefed up their defense with some good, solid cornerbacks, and they revamped their offensive line a bit. Will it change the 'boys luck this year? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, is that each year, nothing changes as far as getting ready for a Dallas Cowboys football season. So, with that said, I've got some tips for you to get ready for Dallas Cowboy football.


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Prepare For Everybody To Want To Bench Tony Romo



At some point during the season, at least by the 4th game, be prepared for Cowboys fans to call for the benching of Tony Romo. No matter his stats, injury, or even their record, it will happen. Heck, there was even a Facebook page made specifically for the cause that you can click on below. I have not personally “liked” that page, yet, but, I'm sure at some point during the season, I'll want to click the “like” button, just like many of you.

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When I say roster, I mean the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. It is important to know each lovely lady who is on this year's squad so that you know who to google when the TV shows one of these hotties. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders never lose, you don't have to worry about an in season trade, and they are just a lot better to look at than the players. Plus, judging by the last few seasons, they just might be the only bright spot for the Cowboys. Hope not, but know those cheerleaders, man! Check out the link below to find out this year's squad. Something that might take you a few glorious minutes of your time.

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Butter Up Your Significant Other



Some spouses, or significant others, like football – some don't. Some don't care if you watch it 24/7 while others get downright pissed that you came to bed at 2 a.m. because you couldn't get the adrenaline out of you after the game. Fortunately for me, my wife, who doesn't like football, doesn't mind the screaming, yelling and cursing at the TV or the beer and brauts smell and the stain of cheese sauce all over the place. That's because I make sure to butter up the wife before football season starts. My wife is set with her own 37 “flat screen TV, complete with Tivo, and on demand. I make sure she has everything she needs: bottle of wine, assorted healthy snacks, iPad, and everything else she needs so that she won't have to worry about bothering me during the game. Sometimes, I'll take her out for a nice late breakfast or get her a box of chocolates to munch on or draw her a nice hot bubble bath complete with candles and lock her in the bathroom for a relaxing experience. Whatever you got to do, if your significant other does not like watching football, make sure you butter them up a bit to maximize your Dallas Cowboy football watching experience.

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Behind every Dallas Cowboy football game, is a nice cold beer – or at least that's the way I roll. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keeping it Cool: Football and beer go hand in hand and it's important that you have the right beer at the right temperature. You don't want to do your beer shopping last minute. Going down to the store minutes before kickoff to get your beer is not acceptable. Then you have to worry about opening up a warm beer and it just throws your whole game off.

  • Maintain Your Options: The official beer of the Dallas Cowboys is Miller Lite, so I am happy that there are other options. Corona or Coors Lite are the choice in my house.
  • BYOB: If you are throwing a football party, ask your friends to supply the beer since they will be trashing your house later.
  • Make Room: Make sure that the refrigerator has enough room for your beer or, heck, just put a cooler in the living room. There are a lot of ladies that love football as well, but not so much on the beer. For you, I've included a Dallas Cowboy drink in a link below.





Whether you're just kicking back by yourself or hanging with a few friends, or if you're throwing one hell of a shindig, you gotta have some food. I'm not talking about throwing some steaks on the grill and a 4 course meal, (though, that is one of my favorite past times)I'm talking football food. Don't get me wrong, I love a good steak meal, but for one, if you eat too much, you'll ruin your beer appetite and, two, it's best to just snack throughout the game. Chips, dips, meatballs, taquitos, pizza rolls, nachos and wings are all approved snacking items in my household. Check out some cool football recipes below.

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