Thankfully, the government was "turned back on" Monday after being shut down for the 19th time in history. However, unless members of the Senate and House can come to some agreements, the government is likely to shut down again in three weeks.

A government shutdown has many adverse effects, including work and pay stoppages for government employees. How hard does Texas get hit when the federal government screeches to a halt? Pretty badly when compared to other states, according to, which ran several metrics to determine its ranking. Texas comes in at the 16th most affected out of all 50 states.

Metrics included in the ranking include of course share of jobs in the federal government, but also federal contract jobs per capita, number of children on CHIP (the federal government's children's healthcare assistance program), highest small business lending per capita and state park access. Texas actually ranked very low in the last category, meaning if that metric hadn't been included, Texas would have come in even higher that no. 16.

While not technically a state, the District of Columbia came in first (of course). The first actual state that is most affected by government shutdowns is Maryland.


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