The Houston Texans have finally named their starting quarterback and it's not Abilene Wylie's Case Keenum.

Keenum was given the starting job last year by Gary Kubiak. But, Kubiak is out and Bill O'Brien is in as head coach of the Texans. Today, O'Brien named Fitzpatrick the starter, going into training camp, over Keenum, T.J. Yates and rookie Tom Savage.

"He's a guy that's earned the job," O'Brien said. "All four of them have put in a lot of good work, but at the end of the day, Ryan Fitzpatrick's our starter." -Houston Texans

Fitzpatrick is a 10-year veteran who previously played for the Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and St. Louis Rams.

Keenum was the odds-on fan favorite, but the decision was to go with Fitzpatrick.

The second the news broke, Twitter erupted with mixed reviews of the decision.

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