The first time country trio Honey County heard one of their songs being played on the radio, they were driving back from a gig. Two thirds of the band, Katie Stump and Devon Jane, were in one car, while group member Dani Rose was riding in a separate vehicle. While, ideally, all three bandmates would have been together for such a momentous occasion, it was fortunate that Stump and Jane were the ones to hear it on the radio -- that way, the one who wasn't driving could capture the whole thing on video.

Even with multiple hands on deck to document the big moment, Stump and Rose still nearly missed their exit when they heard the song come on. Read on for the full story, in Stump's own words.

I think Devon actually has it on video, of me driving. We were driving home from a gig, Devon and I, and Dani was in a separate car for some reason. We heard "Love Someone" come on the radio. I had been listening for it for weeks, and it finally came on.

I was like, "Oh my God, Devon, video, video." I'm driving, and I'm like, "Ahhhh!" And then, in the video, you can see me say, like, "Oh my God, that's my exit, I gotta get over. Okay. Okay. Just barely made it. Almost hit somebody, but it's okay." It's very authentic.

Having your song on the radio is always cool. It never gets old. And it's cool when people Instagram it, or send us messages or tag us when we're on tour, so we can't listen in or turn it on right [then]. It's so cool. It's very fun.

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