A couple in Scotland found an 800-year-old stone in their garden with a remarkably similar shape and look to the patriarch of ‘The Simpsons.’ Click the jump for a closer look at the remarkable rock.

Rosalind and Donald McIntyre brought the sculpted rock to the St. Andrews Museum for further research. The museum eventually turned their discovery over to the National Committee for Carved Stones of Scotland (which for us is the second greatest discovery: learning that Scotland has its own carved stone council).

The couple said they believe it might have been a gargoyle or sculpture from an old church in their neighborhood that dates back to the 1200s. The museum has also run a carbon dating test on the mysterious stone.

Of course, it’s hard to deny its uncanny resemblance to Homer Simpson’s round head and bug-like eyes. Even the shapes of their head match almost perfectly. Man, ‘The Simpsons’ must have been on TV longer than we thought. Take a closer look below.

Homer rock stone simpson scotland

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