We asked High Valley what their biggest pet peeve is and ... aww, come on, you guys!

To be fair, this episode of Last Question ends with host Ania Hammar chasing after their car, so maybe we deserved the sass. Last Question is Taste of Country's micro-interview feature during which we ask important questions like, dogs or cats? Or, what's Canada's greatest export?

Brothers Curtis and Brad Rempel have an answer for each of the questions we threw at them (their favorite Disney movie is an underrated gem), and they quickly make through the list before the getaway car zooms off. Favorite pizza toppings? Most dangerous thing each brother has done?

Thoughts on man rompers ...?

Not surprisingly, the bros have different opinions, including wearing man rompers. Watch, learn and repeat — Taste of Country's Last Question includes nearly three dozen one-minute-long interviews with stars like Jason Aldean, Kip Moore, Kane Brown and Kelsea Ballerini. You'll find them all in the playlist below.

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