A solo album every four or five years leaves Heidi Newfield sounding like a new woman with each lead single. Much like ‘Johnny and June’ in 2008, the former lead singer of Trick Pony throws every ounce of herself into ‘Why’d You Have to Be So Good,’ a heartbreakingly wonderful ballad. 

‘Why’d You Have to Be So Good’ is a refreshing breakup song. Instead of wallowing in self pity or spitting hate toward an ex-lover, Newfield wraps her hurt up in gratitude.

Why’d you have to be so good / Why’d you have to love me so much / Why’d you never let me down / Like everybody else in this town / Just when all my faith was leaving / You finally had me believing / When I didn’t think I could / Why’d you have to be so good,” she sings during the powerful chorus. Her deep, bluesy voice hits like an unexpected tidal wave.

By comparison, the verses are soft and understanding, creating effective contrast. ”It’s hard to get by getting over you / Can’t find nothing to compare it to / Why would I want to / You put your arms around everything you touch / Put your arms around me is what I need so much / I miss you so much,” Newfield sings.

In search of criticism, one could argue the production of ‘Why’d You Have to Be So Good’ is a bit out of date. There’s no doubting her sincerity, however, which more than overcomes this deficiency. Newfield recently divorced husband Bill Johnson, and while it’s not clear that she has him on her mind while singing this song, she no doubt has a heartbroken spirit.

3.5 Stars

Listen to Heidi Newfield, ‘Why’d You Have to Be So Good’

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