Granger Smith has long been a road warrior, but as a husband and a father of three little kids, he knows it's time to pump the brakes.

That's why the "You're in It" hitmaker says he's taking some time off this fall — to spend quality time with his family, which includes daughter London and sons Lincoln and River.

"I’m going to take off a lot of time off in November and December — at least that’s the plan," Smith tells Taste of Country Nights Sam Alex.

"I’m trying to learn to slow down. It’s an art to learn how to slow down," he adds. "I’m going to do a lot of school deliveries and pickups in the fall."

Smith has said he values family above all else, so even at his busiest, he finds ways to mix work and home. He recently released a music video for his current single "You’re in It," and wife Amber is, well, in it.

“She just relaxes me by her just being there," says Smith, whose alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr. released his first-ever bookIf You’re City, If You’re Country. "I cannot imagine sitting there with someone I just met and try to pull off a line or two."

Amber is an actress and has appeared in a number of ads and television shows.

"She’s slammed at home with three little kids and schools and activities and all that, so she’s doing her best," her proud husband says. "She does go out when she has time, and she’ll take an audition or she’ll take a reading somewhere and she’s doing commercials. She loves doing them because they are a quick shoot and good money. She does have big dreams."

Smith and his squad call Texas home — when he's not on the road, that is.

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