Dunkin’ of Abilene has announced that it will be hosting its “Coffee for Champions” fundraiser on Friday, August 20. When you make donations to the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Texas (SOTX), you can get a coupon for a free donut. 

Local law enforcement will be on hand to greet guests and take cash donations for SOTX at Dunkin’. Guests can also donate by credit card in the drive-thru or at the counter. Donations can be made between opening (6:00 AM) and 12:00 PM at Dunkin’s Abilene location (2901 S 4th St). 

“Our local Abilene Dunkin’ franchisees are thrilled to team up with Special Olympics Texas,” said Shannon Durkin, Dunkin’ Field Marketing Manager. “We hope that by providing guests with a free Donut, Dunkin’ will encourage the Abilene community to stop by and help Special Olympics Texas change the lives of local kids through sports, health, and more.”

Special Olympics of Texas does a great job of providing 58,000 athletes with training and competition opportunities through Olympic-style sports. Over the last 20 years, Special Olympics has collaborated with healthcare providers, community organizations, universities, and more to improve the health of persons with intellectual disabilities.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run is the largest grassroots fundraiser and public awareness effort for the Special Olympics. The program includes community events, pledges, merchandise sales, and donations.

So, if you’re looking to help out young athletes in our community (and enjoy a fresh Dunkin’ donut) with your morning coffee, head to Dunkin’ on Friday, August 20.

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