These aren’t just any glasses. These are ‘Terminator’ vision computers for your face. And a Google source says there is now a prototype of the Google Glasses.

In December, a little birdie at Google leaked that they were developing glasses that would look like any standard pair of thick-rimmed glasses, but would have a heads-up display that would show the wearer information over whatever they were looking at through the glasses.

The source now says the prototype looks similar to a pair of Oakley Thumps and has CPU, RAM and storage hardware similar to that of a last generation Android phone. The glasses will function as a smartphone, provide navigation with head tilt controls and enhance augmented reality apps, along with whatever other craziness Google can think up.

Google is still deciding how to release the glasses, so no one yet knows if they’ll be available to a mass market, but just in case, save some room on your Christmas wish list for these bad boys.

[via 9to5Google]