Florida teenager Asher Stonesifer says he was just expressing his individuality with a 16-inch-tall spiked Mohawk, but the outlandish hairdo got him sent home from school last week after the principal deemed it too "extreme."

According to the 17-year-old senior, his hair is a form of self-expression and he plans on contesting the decision by DeLand High School principal Mitch Moyer. "I'm weird, uncommon, and socially unacceptable, so why can't my hair express that?," Stonesifer asked.

Although the school's dress code doesn't specifically address hair, the principal has the right to weigh in on a student's appearance if it causes a disturbance in any way. Given that, Moyer wants Stonesifer to cut several inches off his spiky 'do.

But Stonesifer has no intention of trimming his locks and wants to set a world record for the tallest Liberty Spike Mohawk. He's also perplexed by all the negative attention his hair is getting.

"I was actually quite surprised," he said. "I can understand where they're coming from but it's never caused a problem."

What do you think? Should Stonesifer's Mohawk be allowed in school?

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