Sure, you know George Strait the country music superstar. But, do you know George Strait the almost rock and roller?

It's true! Strait was in a rock band in high school, and his favorite artists more or less lined up with the favorites of every teen at the time. Just because he grew up south of San Antonio doesn't mean he was stuck on songs about cowboys and their horses. Young George Strait was a man of many interests, and in the late '60s that included a group of floppy-haired boys from England.

The video below challenges you with six trivia questions about George Strait, with topics ranging from his childhood to his marriage to his professional career and the songs he passed on. Women in particular used to go crazy over the King of Country Music, and they'd shower him with flowers.

But what did he do with all those flowers?

That's another of the six questions included below. If you can get four right, we'll consider you an A student. If you can get five or six right, then you belong at the front of the room, teaching the rest of us at Strait University.

Strait will turn 69 years old in 2021, and his marriage to his wife Norma will turn 50. The couple have one son and a daughter named Jenifer who died in a car accident as a teenager. While he's retired from the road, he does still play occasional shows in Las Vegas and select cities and records new music.

Look Inside George Strait's Spectacular Mansion:

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