For a guy who fronts a superstar country act, Rascal Flatts singer Gary LeVox sure is a normal dad. With Father's Day on the way, LeVox talked about what it's like being the dad of two girls.

In a recent interview, LeVox talked about how fatherhood has changed him. He explains that, with his touring schedule, sometimes it's a challenge to do regular dad things, but he and his daughters - Brittany, 13, and Brooklyn, 10 - make due. Gary tells the Chicago Trubune:

It's just awesome to live for somebody else. It made me a man — a better person. It's my full responsibility to provide for them. Depending on what coast I'm on, I'll call them before a show: "Do you have your homework done?" If I have time, I'll do the homework with them over the phone: "Dad, can you give me the answer?" "Let me call you back. I'm going to need to phone a friend."

Despite his traveling schedule, you have to give Gary credit for his efforts in being a full-time parent to his kids, no matter how tough that can get from time to time. The life of a musician doesn't exactly allow him to simply take holidays off, but he makes Father's Day work, as well as other holidays.

We usually go out to my ranch and my girls and I go fishing and usually cook out. But it depends if we're home or on the road. If we're on the road, the girls go with me. We don't ever miss Father's Day or any holidays.

LeVox was asked if his girls are a fan of the new CD, 'Rewind', and he explains that they do, although their appreciation for dad's music probably evolved from earlier projects that Rascal Flatts were involved in. Namely, children's TV shows and movies.

They love it — every aspect of it. For the longest time, when they were younger, they thought the only thing I'd done was the "Hannah Montana" movie, "Cars," and the Justin Bieber movie ("Justin Bieber: Never Say Never"). They'll text me, "Hey dad, we're listening to 'Rewind' on the radio." Usually they'll sing when one of our songs comes on the radio. They both love to sing. Brittany will come up to me sometimes and say, 'Dad, how does this sound?" She sings like Rihanna. It's great. Brittany has been on stage with me before.

If there's one area of being a father that has LeVox worried, it's a subject that has caused many a dad to lose sleep at night: dating. But Gary has a pretty level-headed perspective on the situation.

I can't imagine my daughters' first broken heart. I try to and I don't think I could take it. You know it's going to happen. She's 13 now and will be 14 in August. Not so much Brooklyn — she just turned 10. But with Brittany, you do worry. Any guy who dates her better come correct.

He's always been known to be one of the genuinely good guys in country music, and Gary LeVox appears to have the same reputation with his daughters. Happy Father's Day, Gary!

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