So, you think the people in your town are nice, do you? Well, how do they stack up against the rest of the country?

Forbes has created a list of the friendliest towns in the US of A. These rankings were not created based on the number of folks who say, "Mornin' neighbor" when they pick up the newspaper on their driveway each day.

The list, which looked at 500 regions with populations between 5,500 and 150,000 people, is based on data measuring the number of owner-occupied homes, crime rate statistics, philanthropy and percentage of college graduates, as well as surveys among residents.

Which city came out on top? Drum roll, please. The honor goes to Sammamish, Washington, a town so friendly we assume the residents will smile while helping you pronounce it. Orinda, California took the runner-up spot, while Fishers, Indiana placed third.

Even if your town didn't make it, there is good news. With 14 different states represented among the top 15, it's clear you can travel far and wide across the country and be sure you'll find some people with a smile on their face.


1. Sammamish, Washington
2. Orinda, California
3. Fishers, Indiana
4. Seal Beach, California
5. Westerville, Ohio
6. Frisco, Texas
7. Alpharetta, Georgia
8. Downers Grove, Illinois
9. Huntington Woods, Michigan
10. Tooele, Utah
11. Hamilton, New York
12. Herndon, Virginia
13. Hopkins, Minnesota
14. Apopka, Florida
15. Queen Creek, Arizona

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