As promised, Marvel’s FOX mutant drama The Gifted is making a very public display of its power. The first full trailer for Bryan Singer’s X-Men TV series has arrived, name-dropping both its movie mutants and the Brotherhood.

Our first full trailer for the FOX drama sees plenty of mutant action, as well as our likely Sentinel stand-in with spider-like robots that threaten characters. One notable point; both the X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are name-dropped in the past tense, raising questions of when in the already-fragile timeline the new series takes place.

Check out a new poster:

FOX XMen The Gifted Poster

In addition to True Blood alum Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker and Gotham alum Natalie Alyn Lind, also cast in the new series is Bunheads alum Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane/Polaris, a metal-manipulating mutant typically portrayed as one of Magneto’s lesser-known children. Other additions include Coby Bell, Sean Teale as Eclipse, Jamie Chung as Marvel mutant Blink (who Singer had previously showcased in Days of Future Past) and Switched at Birth star Blair Redford as a Native American mutant leader.

The new drama from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix follows “two human parents who discover their children as mutants, forcing them to run from a hostile government, and join with an underground network of mutants to survive.” The series was also said to take place in the same universe as the films.

Stay tuned for more details of FOX’s X-Men TV series The Gifted in the meantime.

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