I remember a time when I actually watched and liked "Survivor". It used to be a fun show, then it turned into a vindictive, back stabbing show that wasn't fun anymore. However, in 2004 when Rupert Boneham was on the show it was good and I remember this big, burly, teddy bear of a guy. He was voted fan favorite of the show and won a $1million. Now he's hoping to have enough fans to vote him Governor of the state of Indiana.

Rupert announced Saturday that he was seeking election as Governor as a candidate of the Libertarian Party. The 47 year old Rupert says he wants to run against the governments political establishment and feels voters deserve better representation. Rupert says the current government is dysfunctional and in 2012 voters should have an alternative choice.

He will be running for a seat that is current held by Republican Mitch Daniels, who is unable to run for another term. He will be running against the likes of Republican Mike Pence (a current U.S. Representative) and former Indiana House Speaker, Democrat John Gregg.

Rupert was a contestant on two Survivors. The first was "Pearl Island" the second was "All Stars" where he won the Million dollar prize as fan favorite. Rupert is good about giving back. When he won the million dollar prize he donated part of it to Rupert's Kids, a non-profit organization he spearheads for at risk kids. It provides mentoring along with job training.

Can you run for Governor in a tie-dyed suit?