I'm all for the death penalty but I'm for doing it humanely.  I think lethal injection is the best way to go, but a Florida legislator wants to bring back electrocution and firing squad in his state.  He feels that being put to death with lethal injection is too easy.  Rep. Brad Drake (R) from Florida says he got the idea of bringing back these forms of death punishment when he and a constituent got into a conversation about the subject at the Waffle House.

The actual conversation stemmed from a discussion about Manuel Valle, a death row inmate, whose lawyers argued that lethal injection would cause him pain and was therefore cruel and unusual punishment.  The courts didn't buy that and Valle was put to death in September with the use of lethal injection.

Florida had used the electric chair from 1924 until 2000 when, then Governor Jeb Bush, pushed legislation to end that form of punishment and switch to lethal injections.

This would definitely be a cheaper form of execution but I don't think it's a feasible alternative.  I don't know;  maybe knowing that you would be put to death by electrocution or firing squad might be a deterrent for some it probably wouldn't have much effect on curbing crime.  I'm pretty sure this is going to be a "shot in the dark" so to speak when the bill is presented.  It will probably be "shot down" by other lawmakers and never see the light of day.

You know rope is pretty cheap too, maybe he should have thought about bringing back hangings too! It worked in the Wild West.