Florida Georgia Line are preaching tolerance, acceptance and brotherly love in their new song, "People Are Different."

The mid-tempo, acoustic guitar-based track urges people of all different political views, beliefs and races to "Walk down the street and smile at a stranger / Heart on your sleeve / And love thy neighbor / No matter what shape / No matter what color / Break bread instead of fightin' each other / Slip on a pair of another man's shoes / You'll see by the time you get back / This whole world would be a whole lot better place / If we'd all just embrace the fact / That people are different."

Michael Hardy, Mark Holman and Hillary Lindsey teamed to co-write "People Are Different." The song's universal message and easygoing, loping country feel make it the new heir apparent to Luke Bryan's smash hit feel-good anthem, "Most People Are Good."

The song is one of 19 new tracks that appear on Florida Georgia Line's upcoming fourth studio album, Can't Say I Ain't Country, which is slated for release on Feb. 15. The superstar country duo released "Simple" as the lead single from the album in June, and it reached No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart. The duo recently released a sexy ballad, "Talk You Out Of It," as the second single from the album, and they've also let fans hear a rockin' party track titled "Colorado."

"People Are Different" speaks to one of the central themes of Can't Say I Ain't Country — the notion that there are many different ways to be country and it's not just limited to one way of doing things.

"Everybody's from a different place. There's country everywhere, and that's something to be super proud of," Kelley tells Taste of Country. "If we are as we are unique individuals, then everybody is their own version of country. That's the most beautiful thing about it."

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