Mike Fisher is a fan favorite in the town of Nashville. He's also a favorite around these offices because the guy plays hockey for a living, he's a philanthropist and is married to the gorgeous Carrie Underwood. We have this jealous admiration for him where we keep wishing slightly bad things to happen like a really painful hangnail or spotty cell phone service. We've got issues.

Since we can't beat him, join him or steal his wife away we decided to celebrate his accomplishments while celebrating an accomplishment of our own -- the launch of the new GuySpeed Sports. GuySpeed Sports is your new destination for the latest sports news. From professional to college, wrestling to MMA, GuySpeed Sports knows what guys want on the web and what matters most to them in the world of sports.

To celebrate the new section of the website, we're partnering with our sister website Taste of Country and giving away an official Mike Fisher jersey valued at $124.99. We'll even let you choose a home or away jersey. Yeah, we're that awesome.

To enter, simply follow @tasteofcountry and @guyspeedsports on Twitter and re-tweet the announcement of the giveaway by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, March 31, 2013. We’ll choose a winner at random. Be sure to read our official rules, and good luck!

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