Taylor Swift's “Look What You Made Me Do" video has more than 400 million views, but she’s not the real star ... at least according to Ellen DeGeneres.

The comedian and talk show host has shared what she says are "deleted scenes" from the video that, for some reason, were left on the cutting room floor.

“I was in the original because I’m part of her squad," DeGeneres explains on her show as the audience laughs. “Apparently, she cut me out. I don’t know — she’s threatened by me sometimes."

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DeGeneres goes on to say that she got her hands on some of the footage starring herself, and she’s going to share it with the audience. The hilarious clips begin with Swift in the now-infamous diamond jewelry-filled bathtub — expected, for those who have seen the video — but soon the camera pans out, and fans see DeGeneres sitting opposite Swift, also in the bathtub. DeGeneres plays with the jewels, exclaiming "ow!" when Swift shoots one off her hand mid-song.

DeGeneres also appears in the scene in the bridge in which Swift picks up an antique phone and has a speaking part, declaring that the “old Taylor” is dead. “Well then who am I playing footsies with?” DeGeneres answers, alarmed. “Somebody’s got a little attitude today, huh?”

DeGeneres also takes the opportunity to poke fun at the final scene in which several iterations of Taylors bicker with one another by showing off several versions of DeGeneres in character, including past Halloween costumes like “Karla Kardashian” and “Magic Michelle Ellen” from a past spoof on Magic Mike. Watch the full hilarious scenes above.

Swift’s new record, Reputation, is slated to be released Nov. 10 and also houses the equally edgy new track “… Ready for It?”

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