We've long held a special place in our hearts for Eliza Dushku, even if TV series like 'Tru Calling' or 'Dollhouse' never quite managed to find their footing. After all, there can never be enough ass-kicking babes on TV, but now we hear that Dushku has signed on to take part in yet another adaptation of 'The Saint' to be co-produced by James Bond himself, Roger Moore. Who's joining Dushku for the effort, and where can we see it?

Eliza Dushku will soon return to TV, and provided the project doesn't land on FOX, this one might stick. Deadline reports that the former 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Dollhouse' actress has booked a role in a forthcoming adaptation of 'The Saint,' alongside Adam Rayner as the titular character. The effort will be produced by legendary 007 Roger Moore, who played the titular character in the 1962 British TV series adaptation of Leslie Charteris' long-running book franchise.

For those unfamiliar with the concept 'The Saint' follows brilliant criminal Simon Templar (Rayner) as he uses his considerable skills as a modern-day Robin Hood, off-setting local law enforcement and pursuing his long-time romantic interest Patricia Holm (Dushku). No official network is yet attached to 'The Saint,' considered for the moment a backdoor pilot written by Jesse Alexander.

'The Saint' has already been adapted to 15 feature films, but would you watch a TV version with Eliza Dushku? Sound off in the comments!

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