Eli Young Band's current single, "Love Ain't," is an enthusiastic and upbeat dedication to all the things that love is -- and all the things it is not. The country group gets to the heart of what's most important to them, distinguishing between fleeting infatuation and the true dedication of real, unconditional love.

Similarly, the playlist that the Eli Young Band compiled for The Boot showcases the iconic, classic tracks that have helped them grow into their musical identities. The collection of songs includes some all-time standards, such as the Beatles' "Come Together" and Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance," as well as solid-gold country classics. The band also adds in a few favorite tracks from their own repertoire, selecting those songs because of the different pivotal moments in their career that they represent.

One example is EYB's "Guardian Angel," which the band remembers as being the track that propelled them into mainstream stardom. "This song was our first song to get played on radio," they explain. "It became a small hit for us and helped us make the switch from being a bar cover band to a bona fide professional group."

Other songs on the Eli Young Band's playlist represent big moments from their career, such Pat Green's "Wave on Wave," which helped solidify their knowledge of a certain brand of country. "[It introduced] us to the new Texas country movement that was happening," the group indicates.

Perhaps one of the most important additions to the collection is "Drown," a track by alt-country band Son Volt. The song not only inspired each member of the Eli Young Band as individual musicians, it also helped them coalesce into a musical unit.

"As we were figuring out just where we and our music fit in, Son Volt really struck a chord with us," the band says. "It was a good bridge for four guys with our musical backgrounds. It was raw and fun and helped us realize that we just needed to try to make music we liked, and let the rest work itself out."

The Eli Young Band guys have been looking back on their career quite a bit lately: The band recently released This Is Eli Young Band: Greatest Hits, a 14-song project that includes classic EYB tracks such as the triple-platinum single "Crazy Girl" and the fan-favorite song "Guinevere." What other tracks have made a difference in the Eli Young Band's musical identity? Press play below to hear 'em.

The Eli Young Band's Playlist:

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