Easton Corbin arrived in Nashville with no preconceived notions and/or ideas of making it big. Not at least right away. What he did say to himself was "boy, keep it real and don't forget where you came from." And that is exactly what Corbin has done, he's kept his music pure and simple. In fact his first two singles he released went straight to number one. It's one thing for an artist to have a song go to #1 but it's a whole other ball game to have your first two songs you have written and recorded go to the top spot and then stay there for multiple weeks.The song A Little More Country Than That, has such a melody that it is hard to get it out of your mind once you've heard it. His song I Can't Love You Back is the one songs that Easton's fans ask him over and over again, what does the song mean? His reply is "that's why I cut this song, it can mean what ever you want it to mean."  Easton Corbin doesn't show signs of slowing down either, it won't matter to him if he's opening or if he's the headliner. Easton Corbin just wants to sing his songs and play his music. Look for him on a stage near you.