For many artists, sharing daily life updates on social media is a way to engage with fans and watch their followers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram exponentially grow. Dustin Lynch just isn't one of those artists, though. Lynch -- who boasts more than a million Facebook followers -- says staying constantly active on social media isn't necessarily how he wants to interact with his fans.

"I’ve found, so far, it’s just valuable for me to have an off switch and a reset and a recharge," Lynch tells The Boot. "Because, quite honestly, I’m obsessed with what I do, in my career; even on my off days, when I’m trying to relax and get away from it, I can’t. So it's a little bit of that -- that’s a way for me to turn off and go, ‘Okay, you are not doing that today.’ It helps me mentally recharge and revamp."

Although Lynch loves to connect with his fans in real life and understands that it's part of his job, he's unwilling to share all of the details of his life with the public.

"I think there’s something to be said about having a private life," he explains. "I’ve been in a relationship where the other person wants to broadcast it: ‘We’re doing this' and 'Look who I’m dating.' That’s not cool. I think it’s precious to have a personal connection that’s not about the public eye. And that’s hard for me to find these days, now."

Lynch admits that dating while famous is tricky, to say the least: "I have to be wary of someone’s intentions if they have any sort of interest in me," he says.

"I envy someone like Thomas Rhett, and other folks that are in this line of work," Lynch adds, "that have that connection and that love and that relationship that existed before the music career took off and the fame and all the glitz and glamour."

Fans will have plenty of chances to interact with Lynch in person this fall. The singer will begin his headlining Ride or Die Tour on Nov. 3 in Fayetteville, N.C.

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