Duane "Dog" Chapman is opening up about getting back to work and normal life after the death of his wife Beth in June. The 66-year-old reality television star says picturing his love of 13 years waiting for him in heaven brings him peace as he's embarking on a dangerous pursuit.

Speaking to TV Insider, Chapman says he's felt Beth's presence as he chases fugitives for his new television show Dog's Most Wanted, which premieres on Sept. 4 on WGN. In one instance, his team lost track of a felon and, "I stopped for a second as I was running and said, 'Beth, please. Where is he?'" he recalls. Soon he heard his crew yelling they'd spotted the man again."

"I told David, 'Oh my God, she's watching.' David said, 'We have an angelic drone.' I feel her all the time,'" he adds.

Beth Chapman was 51 years old when she died in Hawaii on June 26. The television star had throat cancer, and during a trailer for the show she's seen telling her family that while she only had a 50/50 chance of survival, she wanted to keep working. Her battle and eventual passing are a large part of the narrative of this first season of the new television show. As the series progresses, her death changes his mentality as he chases criminals.

"I'm not afraid to die anymore," Duane Chapman says. "I told my camera crew after she (died), 'If something happens to me, you'd better get that shot.' They're like, 'Boss, we will.' I'm not afraid to die now, because I know where I'm going and who I'll get to see again."

The first season of Dog the Bounty Hunter premiered in 2004. Chapman has chased criminals through Hawaii, Colorado and more during several TV series since then.

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