Dolly Parton has the perfect topic for her next try at a Broadway musical: herself. The singer, songwriter and star of the upcoming ‘Joyful Noise’ movie says she’d love to make her personal story of determination and success into a musical, and has even begun to work on it.

“I’m writing my life story as a musical for Broadway,” Parton tells WENN. “I probably won’t be in it but I’ll find a way to introduce it somehow, maybe the older me.”

At least one actress and singer has been begging for the part. Kristin Chenoweth told WYCD that Parton was amongst her earliest influences. She even has a song called ‘WWDD’ (What Would Dolly Do) on her recently released ‘Lessons Learned’ album.

“I know that Dolly has been talking about me playing her [in a biopic],” she says. “I’d certainly love to do that part. I’m lacking a couple of things, but that can but that can always be fixed in post [laughs].”

Previously, Parton took her movie ’9 to 5′ to Broadway, but it struggled to grab an audience. Parton tells WENN that she hasn’t been soured by that experience,however.

Parton is also considering taking ‘Joyful Noise’ to Broadway after its run at the cinema.