Diamond Rio is what I call the "all American wholesome band" they've covered both Country and Christian music genres. Diamond Rio experienced a significant resurgence when their song "In God We Still Trust" went viral on the internet. It was internet rumor that radio stations in America were boycotting the song, which turned out to be false. Diamond Rio has a huge following, me included. So there's no need to search the web to find all of Diamond Rio's 'official music videos’.

We’ve got them all right here.

"Finish What We Started"

"How Your Love Makes Me Feel"

"Walkin' Away"

"It's All In Your Head"


 "Bubba Hyde"

"This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet"

"You're Gone"

"Mirror Mirror"

"Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me"

"Meet In The Middle"

"God Only Cries"

"In God We Still Trust"

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