When the world crumbles, Devin Dawson will still be there strumming his guitar and serenading a pretty lady. At least that’s what his "All on Me" video suggests.

Dawson and his love interest wander abandoned streets between dilapidated buildings as if they were on a normal date, goofing around and flirting with one another in the middle of what looks like a dystopian future.

The newcomer declares his love for her as he sings, offering to take on all of life’s pain and frustration for her so she doesn’t have to bear it, which seems to fit with the scene as he comforts the leading lady throughout the "All on Me" video. Ominous dark clouds continue to roll over the bleak landscape, but the two alternate between not having a care in the world, and staring at the sky, concerned, until the end, which indicates some kind of explosion or simply an end to the purgatory of being the last people on earth.

The eerie video is a fairly stark juxtaposition to the soundtrack, which keeps it light with a soulful groove and Dawson’s charming, smooth vocals.

“All on Me” is the Dawson's debut single after he appeared on a mashup cover of Taylor Swift’s “Style” and “Blank Space,” with singer-songwriter Louisa Wendorff in 2014, which went viral after Swift tweeted it. Now signed with Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group, he’s been on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul Tour and recently performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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