Since revealing his depression to the world back in 2014, country artist David Nail has been very open about his struggle. In a recent series of tweets, Nail once again reflected on his battle in the hopes of helping others.

And his conclusion was this: Sometimes, you just gotta go to the gym.

“People have asked me for advice over the years,” he wrote on Twitter Wednesday (Oct. 3). “I always tell them that every situation is different. But the one consistent thing everyone can do, to help assist a professional diagnosis, is exercise. Any time I feel uneasy about things, I usually do my best to find a gym.”

Indeed, Nail goes so far to say that following an exercise regimen saved him.

“I immediately began exercising,” he wrote. “Sometimes 3 hrs a day. I was told the meds would take 2 months to start working. I didn’t have that kinda of time to wait. I was also told exercise would begin working immediately. It saved me.”

Earlier this year, Nail exclusively sat down with Taste of Country to not only touch his mental battles, but how his song “In My Head” goes to explain a bit of what he and so many other people dealing with depression go through.

"It was very fluid and it flowed out rather effortlessly," the "Red Light" hitmaker tells Taste of Country. "I feel like anytime a song happens like that, it's something that's probably been weighing on you.

"I've touched on this subject matter a few times in other songs, but I had never really been as detailed as I was in this particular song," he continues. "I don't know that I've ever heard a song that explains what it feels like and what you deal with on a day-to-day basis from that point of view."

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