Talk about oversharing?

When Lady Antebellum met up with WYRK's Clay & Liz prior to the 2018 Academy of Music Awards to chat about what's going on in their lives, the talk naturally turned to kids and babies — as all three members are busy with their growing families. Still, there was a slightly unnatural moment that snuck its way into the conversation!

Charles Kelley nonchalantly let it slip that his bandmate, Dave Haywood, plans to get a vasectomy following the awards. "Dave's getting a snip job," he reveals.

In Vegas? "Yeah," Kelley joked. "They've got Elvis doing it."

"Charles is doing it," Haywood clapped back, to which Kelley cheerfully responded, "Scissors and kleenex!"

Okay, that's definitely not a picture we want to keep in our heads, but thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see how Haywood decides to get Kelley back for this particular little revelation!

Haywood is a father of two with his wife Kelli — his youngest child, daughter Lillie, was born on Dec. 22, just in time for the holidays. His elder child, son Cash, came along in September of 2014.

Although it sounds as if the Haywood kids won't be welcoming any more new siblings to their fold, they're in good company as part of the Lady Antebellum family, which includes Kelley's son Ward and Hillary Scott's three daughters Eisele, Betsy and Emory.

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