While legions of fans, colleagues, friends and family of 'Dallas' star Larry Hagman mourn the actor's tragic death, TNT's 'Dallas' revival series is nonetheless faced with a difficult question.  With production not yet wrapped on the upcoming season, how will Hagman's death affect the series?  Will anything about Hagman's current scenes be changed, or will the writers write the death into the script? 

It's always tragic when a beloved star passes, particularly one so adored as 'Dallas' Larry Hagman.  The star had endured something of a resurgence in the past year, returning to his role as ruthless oil magnate J.R. Ewing for TNT's revival series of 'Dallas,' which remains in the midst of shooting its second season.  Given the star's Friday passing of cancer-related complications, several steps will need to be taken.

According to Deadline, Hagman had completed shooting approximately six episodes of the 15-episode season, which premieres January 28.  An extension of the current Thanksgiving shooting hiatus may allow writers more time to plot the character' exit, though it's at least been confirmed that 'Dallas' plans to create “the proper sendoff that he deserves.”  Also possible is that TNT will schedule an additional hiatus to re-work future scripts.

What say you?  How do you think Larry Hagman's tragic loss will impact the second season of 'Dallas?'