My three favorite holidays are Valentine's, Christmas and Halloween. I love the decorations and food. If you have kids then you know these are huge events for school parties too. I just happen to have found some great sites for cupcake ideas. Cupcakes are easy to make and fun to decorate.

The queen of homemaking Martha Stewart of course has a site with tons of ideas. From brains to spiders to ghosts. If you have the time and patients these would be the hit of any party.  Most of these use things like gum drops, licorice whips, cinnamon candies and jelly beans to create the scary monsters.  A few others take a little more time like making the fondant icing ghost cupcakes below.  But they sure are cute! Check out Martha's website for all the information.


Another great site to find ideas is the Wilton site. Wilton is a company that is all about cake decorating. You will find a Wilton section in most hobby stores, where you will find, character pans, cake decorating tools, candy making products and more. There website is full of great ideas you can also check out their facebook page.


One last website is called All Things Cupcakes. You guessed it, it's alllll about cupcakes. If you want some ideas that anyone of any talent level (kids too) can make then this is a great site to check out. This site has everything from finding bakeries in your area, to products, even costumes and tattoos. If you just want to see some cute little cupcakes this has great photos that folks have submitted.