Craig Campbell's new single, "Never Mine," is a searing final goodbye to a love interest that was never quite as into him as he was into her. From start to finish, the song displays emotional complexity and nuance, refusing to villainize the ex in question while also not downplaying how much hurt the relationship brought him.

To write "Never Mine," Campbell had to walk a fine line between heartbreak and admiration for the woman he loved, summing things up at the end of the chorus with, "Never mind that I was all yours / You were never mine."

The singer says it took him quite a while to get the song just right.

"I had the idea for 'Never Mine' in my phone for a couple of years. I could never map it out in my head, so it just stayed in my phone. One day I woke up and it made sense," he explains, adding that he brought the idea to co-writers Jim McCormick and Jacob Rice to help him flesh out the song.

"I believe everyone has been in this situation," the singer continues. "Spending quality time with someone only to find out it wasn't as special to them as it was to you. It's country music."

Campbell's new single is the complex, emotionally-vulnerable counterpart to another new release of his, "Good Things Come to Those Who Drink," a honky-tonkin', good-timin' song whose music video even inspired a TikTok challenge. While "Never Mine" is his first single to receive full radio promotion in three years, Campbell is no stranger to country radio's Top 20: In the past, he's had hits with songs like "Keep Them Kisses Comin'," "Outta My Head" and "Family Man."

Did You Know?: Campbell is not only a busy recording artist, but he's also got a big heart for philanthropy. His annual Celebrity Cornhole Challenge raises money to fight colorectal cancer, and he is also the national spokesperson of Fight Colorectal Cancer.

Craig Campbell's "Never Mine" Lyrics: 

It ain't no surprise I ain't heard from you / Did you make it to California or get high in Crested Butte? / You were always headed for somewhere new / I know you're out there doing what you do 


Never mind we couldn't leave each other alone / Couldn't take our hands off each other / Never mind that we were right where we belonged / Every day of that sugar-sand summer / You were always gonna say goodbye / A gypsy born to fly / Never mind that I was all yours / You were never mine

No, I ain't mad, it is what it is / I'd do it all again with someone who knows how to live / On the edge of a high wire, ain't nothin' I wouldn't give / For just one more low tide moonlight kiss 

Repeat Chorus x 2

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