Death is an inevitable truth for all people, but somehow it's even more tragic when it's unexpected, as was the case with these country singers who died before their time.

Some were victims of tragedy, while others lost health battles and even more played a role in their sad fate. Mindy McCready was just 37 when she took her own life. Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves both died in tragic plane crashes, while Eddie Rabbitt left the world as a result of a hard battle with lung cancer.

This list of country singers who died too young also includes legends like Elvis Presley and icons like Townes Van Zandt. Drug and alcohol use is a common thread here, even leading to the deaths of several whose cause is described as something more natural. The number of vehicle crashes that led to young deaths is also alarming.

While these country legends are gone, they're so legendary because their music will live on forever. No future generation of country fans will ask, "Who is Hank Williams?" because he's a man who — even though he died in his 20s — shaped the face of the genre. Find him and others on this list of 27 artists who died too young.

R.I.P.: 27 Country Singers and Songwriters Who Died Too Soon

These country singers had so much more to give. See 27 country singers who died much too soon: Keith Whitley, Mindy McCready, Troy Gentry and more.

27 Artists Who Died Too Soon:

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