While the birthday parties of your grandparents' yesteryears began and ended with a simple backyard cake and soda, today's kids like to celebrate in style.

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Classic places like parks or movie theaters are standbys, sure, but sometimes it's more fun to celebrate by bringing family and friends along for a unique, one-of-a-kind birthday bash.

Here are 13 of the coolest places to host a birthday party for a kid (or a kid who never grew up) in Abilene. Unfortunately, you're still in charge of the cake and the presents.

13 Cool Places to Host a Birthday Party in Abilene

Whether you're celebrating toddlers, teenagers, or kids who never grew up, here are 13 unique places to host a birthday party in Abilene.

While a lot of the places on this list appear to be geared for children of a certain age, a few joints listed above would make a cool venue for a grown-up birthday or wedding party.

Places like Abilene Axe Company, The Skatin Place, and Retro World Arcade all cater to that childhood sense of nostalgia that may remind you of your youth, which makes them a great place to celebrate. They also provide dang good exercise as long as you're careful. (You can't tell me that flinging a metal ax at a wall isn't good cardio and strength training.)

For parents that want a more educational experience for their child's birthday, The Grace Museum and the Abilene Zoo both off kids the chance to learn new things and celebrate while they do it.

What's even more entertaining is that these awesome birthday ideas don't require a day trip or a lot of driving — they're all Abilene local, which means everyone can get in on the fun.

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