The lyrics to Taylor Swift's hit song make 22 sound like a darn good time. Lots of late-night hangouts, dreaming of the future, acting silly with friends -- what more could you want? Unfortunately, the reality for most is that early 20s aren't nearly as fun as they look in the '22' music video -- and Conan O'Brien takes issue with Swift's gross misrepresentation.

Fed up with the sugar-and-spice lyrics about how great it is to be a 20-something, O'Brien took to his YouTube account to record a hilariously bitter response to Swift's '22' video

"Taylor Swift's great -- she's very popular and she's very talented," he says. "But I know what it's like to be 22, and I don't think that's an accurate representation of being 22."

For starters, O'Brien takes issue with the apartment in which the video takes place. In fact, it looks like the video is filmed in an awesome house, complete with a back wall full of huge windows and glass doors that open up to reveal an in-ground pool.

"When you're 22, you're not living in that apartment, alright? You're living in a really crappy $380-a-month apartment in the mid-Wilshire district in Los Angeles," O'Brien so aptly puts it, clearly speaking of his own life.

And he's right. For most 22-year-olds, lounging at the pool for entire afternoons isn't very productive. After all, you have non-paying internships to be at and part-time jobs to help you make (very little) extra cash.

Also, as O'Brien points out, there are no packs of Ramen noodles in Swift's fun, happy-go-lucky '22' video. "That's all you're eating when you're 22!" the redheaded talk show host exclaims.

Suddenly, O'Brien's rant takes a turn for the sad. He begins waxing nostalgic about seeing bad movies, suffering from acne and being too skinny -- problems the 'Begin Again' superstarlet doesn't seem to have.

"There's nowhere to go. There's no one to talk to. You don't have a girlfriend," he digresses. "People are like, 'Oh, you're 6'4"? You've got orange hair? Who's got orange hair? What kind of name is Conan? You're a freak!' "

Apparently, Conan feels like his experience as a 22-year-old is the same as everyone's. We'll give it to him that Swift doesn't have the typical experience, either. But for the rest of us, being 22 falls somewhere in the middle of confused bliss and tortured loneliness -- or as Swift puts it, "happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time."


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