Clay walker seems a little bit apprehensive about driving a red, vintage model, International pick-up truck while on the set for his newest music video 'Jesus and Jesse James'. The video shoot took place on the famous Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico. Walker admits "this feels more like a real movie, with the set and actors and all. And the wardrobe is freaking amazing." 'Jesse James' is from the previously released album 'She Won't Be Lonely Long'.

The video shoot takes a brief hiatus, just long enough for the cast and crew to sing happy birthday to Clay. After eating his favorite chocolate birthday cake it was back to the serious business of doing an old western styled video, complete with outlaws and saloon girls. Clay was a natural for the part (and since I'm a big fan of Clay's) I give him a ten on this video shoot. Awesome job Clay!

This is Clay Walker's 'Jesse James' behind the scenes video shoot.