Colorado Bend State Park is located in Bend, Texas (NW of Austin) and is the home of the Gorman Falls. Gorma Falls is a lush, green, 65 foot waterfall that will make you forget you're in Texas.

The park offers camping, hiking, biking, caving, fishing, swimming and much more. But the highlight is the Falls. You can explore on your own or you can take the 1.5 mile round trip adventure with a guide.

Wild cave tours are also available at the park. An experienced guide will take you crawling and climbing through the variety of caves in the area. You will get dirty and need to be able to move easily through tunnels and small spaces at times. These adventures are by reservation and guide only.

The Colorado River runs through the park with also allows for swimming, fishing and paddling. While all of these adventures are a hit with visitors it is the Falls that will amaze.

The Falls are 65 ft tall and are made from calcium rich springs that flow from above. What is so amazing about these falls is that you don't feel like you're in Texas at all. Once you reach the Falls you are surrounded by green trees, lush green ferns and mosses, a fine mist, and crystal clear flowing spring waters. You won't be disappointed.


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